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Our expertise spans the range of steps that take data from numbers to actionable information. Our primary focus is data analytics, but we also bring a blend of expertise with people, process, and technology, all of the components that support your organization’s ability to leverage data effectively.

Data is hard to use in its raw form. We convert it to an accessible format through:

  • Advising on structuring data for future analytics use

  • Linking or unifying existing/prospective data sources

  • Integrating data into current operational uses


Structure | Linkage | Integration


Visualize | Analyze | Interpret

Even when data has been cleaned and packaged, it is not always easy to see where to go from there. We help find the problems and spot the opportunities through:

  • Developing custom data visualizations

  • Identifying relationships, trends, and patterns in the data

  • Helping interpret the significance of findings


Assess | Recommend | Monitor

Once you know what the problem is, the next step is to figure out how to solve it. We help turn results into actionable information through:

  • Running simulations

  • Performing impact analyses

  • Deriving recommendations about changes/improvements

  • Measuring and monitoring effects​


Structure | Translate | Implement

Many environmental factors can affect your organization's ability to produce and use data effectively. We provide end-to-end support for data analytics through:

  • Building out research infrastructure

  • Translating findings into processes, structures, workflows, etc.

  • Incorporating data into day-to-day responsibilities


Educate | Support | Transition

Support does not mean entrenchment. We help build in-house capacity to leverage data effectively through:

  • Developing training programs

  • Capturing and structuring institutional knowledge

  • Building data analytics capacity of staff

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